"...if I come across as an unabashed Jerry Andrus Fan - so by extension a fan of this marvelous film - then I am guilty as charged." - Dustin Stinett, Genii Magazine

"...the film does a wonderful job of capturing both the spirit and genius of this unique individual. I loved it." ~ Prof. Richard Wiseman

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"I think it's a glorious character sketch of Jerry, richly crafted with great art and love." - Teller

"... a charming, philosophical 78-minute feature that explores a unique universe in which puzzles, logic, humanism, optical illusions, honesty and magic collided for 85 years." ~ Gabe Fajuri, Magic Magazine

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"... an excellent documentary which offers an insight into the life, mind and work of a truly unique individual ..." ~ Synergy Magazine

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Jerry Andrus is well known among many of the world's greatest performing magicians as one of the best "close-up magic" performers. However, he is equally regarded among scientists, educators and skeptics as a visionary, poet, philosopher, inventor and creator of truly amazing optical illusions.

Jerry's talents have been featured in publications such as Omni magazine and on numerous television appearances. He has performed and lectured around the globe. Jerry's unique perspective and keen eye is always on the lookout for ways in how our eyes can decieve the mind, causing us to question our perception of "reality". He is frequently invited to bring his illusions to scientific and skeptic conferences to illustrate how easily our miraculous human mind can be fooled.

Andrus, the Man, the Mind & the Magic is a documentary about the many talents of this creative genius.

Mission statement:

"To record in his own words, the legacy of the art, science, literature and magic of Jerry Andrus. The production will be a synopsis of Jerry's philosophy regarding science and religion with emphasis on how the human mind processes and interprets information. The documentary will primarily feature direct interviews of Jerry and include extensive video recording of illusions and magic, of his creation, and readings from his literary works. Wherever possible, interviews of Jerry's contemporaries regarding their direct knowledge of his talents will be included."

Producer - Director: Robert Neary
CoProducer - Cinematography: Tyson Smith